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Private Gig (Virtual)

We’re delighted to offer this private, thirty-minute acoustic gig by Tommy. Up to 5 screens may be admitted to the gig, which will take place in a private meeting on Zoom, so you can invite your friends or fellow fans to join in the experience! (And spread the cost!)


Upon ordering, Team Tommy will be in touch to organise a date and time with you for the private gig, and take any song requests you may have!




If there is a specific date and time on which you would like this gig to take place, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make it happen. Due to Tommy’s busy schedule, we cannot guarantee dates and times ahead of your order.


Recording is not permitted. If there is evidence that you are recording, the show will be terminated without a refund or being rescheduled.


The gig will start promptly at the agreed upon time. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early and join the waiting room, where you will be admitted to the gig.


Please ensure you download the Zoom app in good time before the show and that your WiFi connection is strong.


This Private Gig (Virtual) ticket is valid for three months from the day of purchase. The gig must be booked in this time frame, or the ticket will become invalid without a refund being issued.

Private Gig (Virtual)